User Rules

✅️ Respectful Behavior ✅️
Treat all users with respect and kindness.
Avoid offensive language, discrimination, or harassment based on gender, race, religion, or any other personal attribute.

✅️ Authentic Profiles ✅️
Provide accurate and truthful information on your profile.
Use genuine photos and refrain from using misleading or inappropriate images.

✅️ Privacy Awareness ✅️
Respect the privacy of other users.
Avoid sharing personal contact information, including phone numbers and addresses, on public forums.

✅️ Safe Messaging ✅️
Engage in polite and respectful conversations.
Refrain from sending inappropriate or offensive messages.

✅️ Profile Verification ✅️
Encourage users to verify their profiles to enhance authenticity.
Report suspicious accounts for the safety of the community.

✅️ No Spamming or Solicitation ✅️
Avoid spamming or sending unsolicited messages for commercial purposes.
Report any accounts engaging in spam or solicitation.

✅️ Age Restrictions ✅️
Adhere to age restrictions set by the platform for user safety.
Report any accounts that appear to violate age-related guidelines.

✅️ Offline Safety ✅️
Exercise caution when meeting someone offline for the first time.
Choose public places and inform a friend or family member about your plans.

✅️ Moderation of Content ✅️
Refrain from posting explicit or inappropriate content.
Report any content that violates community guidelines.

✅️ Reporting System ✅️
Use the reporting system to flag any suspicious behavior, harassment, or rule violations.
The platform will investigate reports and take appropriate action.

✅️ Language Use ✅️
Communicate in a language that adheres to cultural norms and promotes understanding.
Avoid offensive language and slang that may be inappropriate.

✅️ No Impersonation ✅️
Do not impersonate others or create fake accounts.
Report any accounts that are suspected of impersonation.

✅️ Legal Compliance ✅️
Abide by local laws and regulations related to online dating and social networking.
The platform reserves the right to suspend accounts that violate legal standards.

Remember, these rules are designed to create a safe and enjoyable environment for users. Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and contribute to the positive atmosphere of

Thank You
Thairelation Team